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“A Safe Haven for Newborns-Saving One Life at a Time”

This educational presentation “A Safe Haven for Newborns – Saving One Life at a Time” is a self-directed, on-line program designed to introduce the learner to the issues surrounding infant abandonment, the Safe haven statutes in Florida as well as the roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals, fire and resue, law enforcement and DCF when presented with a surrendered baby. The program also introduces the learner to the resources available through A Safe Haven for Newborns and the processes which take place when an infant is placed under the Safe Haven statute.





Describe the expected learner outcomes in behavioral terms that are attainable, measurable, and relevant to current nursing practice.  Include who will do what and by when.

Adjacent to each objective, outline the subject matter that corresponds to the objective.  Content should be current, accurate, and listed in logical order.  Document currency and accuracy of subject matter by references / bibliography (must be within 5 years).

List methodologies and learning activities.  Utilize principles of adult education.

Identify methods used to determine that the stated behavioral objectives have been met.

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“A Safe Haven for Newborns-Saving One Life at a Time"

One(1) C.E.U. with a Certificate of Course completion for the following Florida Boards:
Other professions can self-submit to their regulatory agency.

One (1) hour

Program Title: A Safe Haven for Newborns-Saving One Life at a Time
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Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling approved

Effective date: 03/16/2016

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Certified Master Social Worker


Florida Board of Medicine approved

Effective date: 03/16/2016

Medical Doctor (AMA Category I)


Florida Board of Nursing approved

Effective date: 03/16/2016

Registered Nurse Florida

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Licensed Practical Nurse Florida

Clinical Nurse Specialist


Florida Board of Nursing - Certified Nursing Assistants approved

Effective date: 03/16/2016

Certified Nursing Assistant



Florida Council of Licensed Midwifery approved

Effective date: 03/16/2016

Licensed Midwife


Florida Physician Assistants approved

Effective date: 03/16/2016

Physician Assistant (AMA Category I)


CE Broker Tracking #: 20-549414/ Provider Course #: OLT501
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At the conclusion of this program, the learner will:

·         Be able to identify the problem of surrendered babies inclusive of


o   At risk target demographics

o   Incidence of abandonment

o  Risks associated with surrendered babies


·         Gain knowledge about the Safe Haven statute in Florida, its requirements and intent.


·         Identify which are the designated Safe Haven facilities.


·         Be able to recognize a Safe Haven event when it is occurring, understand their role and responisibilties.


·        Understand the vital importance of protecting the parent(s) anonymity.


·         Be introduced to the legal and financial issues involved with accepting a Safe Haven baby.


·         Develop an understanding of parental rights regarding a Safe Haven baby in Florida.


·         Gain knowledge of the “A Safe Haven for Newborns” program, the resources available and its role in providing educational and public awareness programs as well as maintaining data and statistics regarding Safe Haven activities throughout Florida.

Overview: The Safe Haven Law permits the parents or whoever is in possession of an unharmed newborn, approximately 7 days old or less to be left at a Safe Haven (No questions asked, totally anonymous, free from fear of prosecution).


I.             Infant Abandonment

a.    Escalating crisis

b.    Social, financial, emotional issues

c.   Average age 16-22

d.    Isolated

e.    Alternative to child  endangerment

f.    Saves lives

g.    Protects parents from prosecution

h.    Allows for adoption

II.           Safe Haven

a.    Hospital

b.    Fire Rescue Station staffed 24/7

c.    Letter of the law cases

III.           Providing Care/ Placement of infant

a.    EMS

b.   ED staff

c.    Hospital Personnel

IV.          When to involve DCF

a.   Suspicion of abuse/neglect

b.    Social Services  recommend

V.           Legal Issues

a.    Birth Certificates

b.     Determining Age

c.     Liability

VI.         Financial/Billing

a.    Medicare Coverage

VII.         Parental Rights

a.   Terminate when infant surrendered

b.    May reclaim through court

VIII.        Safe Haven Programs

a.    Help Line

b.    Public Awareness

c.    Garden of Innocence

IX.         Public Awareness

a.    Gloria M Silverio Foundation

b.    Media

c.    Local Advertisement

d.   Local Awareness

X.          Discharging a Safe Haven newborn

a.    Petitioning the court

b.    Contacting an adoption agency

c.    Notifying Missing Children

d. Termination of parental rights






Florida Statues-383.50/HB-7007


A Safe Haven for Newborns web site


Florida Adoption Information Center


Program Evaluation Tools