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Safe Haven education should be made available to all existing hospital personnel (Employees, Contractors, and Volunteers), 

and annually,  for new hires as part of their employment Indoctrination to include:


        ER, Labor/Delivery, Nursery, NICU

        Case Management, Social Services

        Compliance Director

        Risk Management

        Marketing/Public Relations




We continue to receive requests to make this life saving education more available to larger audiences. Therefore, the course is now  offered in a classroom setting, allowing you to schedule an unlimited number of attendees per class. The fee for the classroom session is $7.00 for one (1) professional C.E.U. and no charge for all other attendees.


-Please download and complete this excel sign in sheet; include all class attendees, identifying those taking the course for the C.E.U. with their respective license #.


- Upon  completion of the course:

        -Submit the completed excel sign in sheet to us at

         - We will then:

                  * Email each participant a certificate of completion and a quick reference guide.

                  * Submit the required information to C.E. Broker.

                  * Send you an invoice listing all the participants who completed the course, indicating the fees for the C.E.U.ís.


For any questions or clarifications, please contact Nick Silverio at 786/246-1304.


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